Daily Activities

All daily activities and schedules are posted in each classroom and include but are not limited to: lesson plans, naptime and sleeping arrangements, mealtimes, and outdoor play. 

Infants and Toddlers

For our youngest children, we focus on the three R's; routine, relationships and reading. Our curriculum for this age group is teacher driven and modified to allow each child to set their own schedule. Young children are reassured and find comfort in routines. In other words, they have a need to know what to expect when aware from their parents. We build confidence and help to comfort when routines are established and followed. A large part of comforting young children is building relationships with adults they can trust when away from their parents. And lastly, we begin to introduce children to reading by exposing them to books at an early age. Here are some tips to help expose your child to reading while at home:


  • Snuggle up with your baby! The baby will feel secure from being close and hearing your voice.
  • It is OK to let your baby touch and hold the book.
  • Choose books with simple, clear pictures. Babies like faces and bold, high contrast pictures.
  • Rhymes, songs and simple soothing text appeal to babies.


  • Toddlers love book sharing even if they do not sit still for long.
  • Choose books that are predictable, repetitive, or encourage sound/movement.
  • Encourage your toddler to make sounds and movement to describe the story!
  • Toddlers take comfort in routine and repetition. Try to find a consistent time and/or place to share books.

Tips Courtesy of Raising A Reader,

Twos, Threes, and Fours

We understand that children learn best through play and after trying many programs over the years, we finally found a curriculum that we believe allows children to learn as they should. The Block Academy offers Builders, a developmentally-appropriate curriculum that concentrates on the scientifically-proven concept that children learn in an assortment of ways by using all of their senses. It uses hands-on, experiential learning; sensory motor integration; and brain/skill development through the use of manipulatives. For additional information, please view The Block Academy Catalog.

Block Academy

Grades K through 6

Grades K - 6At Child Care Inc., we believe that it is imperative to support school-age children in their academic learning, but that school-agers also need to focus on developing skills for life. We utilize Modern Woodsmen Youth Educational Programs that include; Ecology Awareness, Exercise and Nutrition, Financial Literacy; Patriotic Civics, and Safety and Life Skills.