Enrollment Procedure

Our enrollment procedure is quick and easy. We encourage all parents to come tour our facilities prior to enrollment. We do require a complete enrollment package for each child. You may pick up an enrollment packet at the time of your tour or you can also download an enrollment packet. We also request a complete immunization record at the time of enrollment. DOWNLOAD ENROLLMENT FORMS HERE.


We accept enrollment for children ages six weeks to twelve years.

Hours of Operation

Traditional hour facilities are open Monday through Friday from 6AM to 6PM. Extended hour care is available at certain locations which are open 24 hours, Monday through Saturday. These locations close at 6PM on Saturday and re-open at 5:30AM on Monday.

Enrollment Fee

A one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $25 per child or $50 per family will be charged at the time of enrollment.


Our weekly tuition rates vary from each location. Please contact your interested location for specific rate information. We also accept EBT, Military and Tribal customers.

Curriculum Fee

A $25 curriculum fee per child is due February 1st each year.


Regular attendance helps to create a consistent routine within the facility. This consistency helps children to feel safe and secure and creates a better learning environment. In order to develop a consistent routine, we recommend that your child have regular attendance. We ask that your child have no more than 1 absence a week.


In addition to curriculum, we provide a number of resources that are essential to your child's health and development.


We provide meal service for all children ages toddler to twelve. We participate in the Federal Food Program that works to ensure proper nutrition for young children. You can download a copy of our menu here.

For infants, we provide formula and rice cereal. Once ready to eat solid food, we adjust items from our menu to be age appropriate for new eaters.


We provide all necessary items for proper diapering, wipes, etc. Parents are asked to provide diapers and cream if needed.

Parent Involvement

We have an open door policy and parents are welcome anytime to assist with classroom activities. Parents should feel free to discuss their daily activities with the teachers. We encourage and want to have parental feedback, because this is what enhances the children’s program. Parents will receive regular written communication regarding their child’s daily activities.