Children's Lighthouse II


Children's Lighthouse II

Children's Lighthouse #2 also joined the Child Care Inc. family in 1992. When the Stars program began in 1999, this program worked twice as hard to reach 3 Star status, earning national recognition from not one, but two accrediting agencies at the time and becoming our first dually accredited program. 




Director: Wynshel Prince

Wynshel has been working in child care for 17 years; nine of those 17 years she has been with Child Care Inc. and she's been the Director of Children's Lighthouse II for the last three years. She's received an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and also has her Director's Credential. 



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5816 NW 36th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73122


Call us now at (405) 947-4002


Children's Lighthouse #2's Teacher of the Month:

September: Louksia Lewis

       All about me:

  • My favorite cartoon is: Garfield
  • My hobby is: Reading
  • I love: Kids, Shoes & Bingo
  • My favorite food is: Mexican