Children's Lighthouse I


Children's Lighthouse #1

Children's Lighthouse #1 has been serving western Oklahoma City and Bethany since 1971 and became part of the Child Care Inc. family in 1992. It was the first center in Oklahoma County to reach 2 Star status and has been a 3 Star center since 1999. Being the smallest of our centers, the program size has made it an ideal setting for grant projects and we have participated in grant projects with AT&T, the University of Oklahoma, SoonerTalk and Early Headstart.



 Director: Michelle Blair

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540 North Council Road,

Oklahoma City, OK 73127


Call us now at (405) 789-0661


Children's Lighthouse #1's Teacher of the Month:

September: Lisa Leonard

All about me:

  • My favorite cartoon character is  Grut
  • My hobby is  Reading
  • I love: My children, My dog "baby" and Weekends
  • My favorite food is  Pasta