Our Story


Child Care Inc. began in 1984, when, as a single mother, my options for child care suddenly became limited. My daughter's child care facility posted notice that it would be closing and there weren't many other options in the area at that time. I knew I wanted a safe and reliable place to take my child, and with that in mind, decided to purchase and keep the facility open. Nearly 30 years later, Child Care Inc. has grown to six centers, all of which are proudly 3 Star Centers.

As a mother of three, I realize the need for quality child care that provides positive learning experiences. Childhood is a learning experience that doesn't end at some predetermined time. It is a continuous process...one that should ultimately lead children to become healthy, mature individuals.

As a working mother, I also realize that a good child care center not only meets the children's needs, but also the needs of the parent. We offer the best in early care and education, with a complete curriculum program that is designed specifically to your child’s development. We also offer flexibility with two 24-hour locations and weekend care along with transportation to public schools and onsite pre-k programs with OKC and PC schools. All of our centers meet state and national standards.

Providing quality child care has been and always will be our top priority. We want to support you every step of the way in helping to shape your child's future.


Kathy Cronemiller